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Getting Involved

Identify an issue or an area of interest. You can get involved by helping members of your local community, learning more about your local government, or protecting the environment.   

Next, explore how you can get involved. The most common way is to contribute your time as a volunteer, or by becoming a member of an organization that works on addressing specific issues.

Volunteering one’s time is one of the greatest contributions an active citizen can make. Most non-for-profit organization greatly rely on the help of volunteers in their work. Even few hours of your time can make a difference.

You can begin by exploring volunteer opportunities in your area by visiting the following websites:

You can also contact your local Volunteer Centre that will connect you with organizations that need help.

Visit the websites of some of the organizations that recruit volunteers on on-going basis:

You can find community service providers and non-for-profit agencies in your area online and through information boards at the libraries and community centers. 

On the Web

Internet opens up a lot of opportunities for active participation through a number of tools.

You can find online communities and blogs on almost any topic, and some of them also give you an opportunity to connect with others as well. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others are also a great way to learn and to get engaged. 

MLA Offices

Contact your local MLA or MP office to inquire about volunteer opportunities.