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New Approach for Teaching Active Citizenship in BC

The Project Advisory Committee has unanimously endorsed a strategy to enhance the present BC social studies curriculum on law and citizenship. The strategy will educate students on their important role as citizens by providing them with knowledge and understanding of the structure and operation of Canada’s and BC’s political and justice systems. It is designed to give students the tools and confidence to embrace active participation in the life of their community.

The strategy selected is a sequential five year program with 10 lessons per year in Grade 7 to 11 Social Studies. The main purpose of this strategy is to enhance the "Government", "Law" and "Community Engagement" components of the curriculum. Students will be encouraged to apply critical thinking skills and engage in discussions of such questions as "What is it?", "How does it work?", "Is it important in my life?" "Why should I care?" and "How can I participate?"

The resources packages have been developed in summer 2009 and the pilots will take place in November 2009. It is hoped that students and teachers will engage in community events and other activities.

The Justice Education Society is managing the this project which is funded by The Law Foundation of BC. An Advisory Committee composed of important stakeholders including the BC Civil Liberties Association, BC Ministry of Attorney General, BC Ministry of Community Development, BC Ministry of Education, BC Principals' and Vice-Principals' Association, BC Social Studies Teachers' Association, BC Teachers’ Federation, Canadian Bar Association, Local Government Leadership Academy, Oak Bay Youth Committee, Provincial Court of BC and The History Education Network has been set up to offer expertise and guidance throughout the project.

See the background section for more information on this project.